About Us

We are a non-governmental organisation that aims to help poor families in remote and unaddressed communities in Bangladesh. We want to help poor families who need baby care and support or expectant mother care. We are committed to helping a family with healthcare until they are financially able. We will always provide service at their fingertips and try to make life a little easier and nicer. We teach people to live with dignity and help people live their dreams as well as fulfill their dreams.

  • We are soon to make our debut as an international social organization, which will start its institutional journey from March 2024, starting from the Rohingya camp in Bangladesh.
  • We will be dedicated to helping poor families in remote areas. In addition to providing complete health care especially to mothers and children, various steps will be taken to bring a poor family back to the path of prosperity.

Our Story

Jennifer, an American citizen of Bangladeshi origin, volunteered with the IRC in late 2021, along with five of her friends, primarily to work for the Rohingya. Later some other friends they know also join them. At one point, he formed his own fund by collecting money from various famous people and organizations in America and started working as an associate of IRC.

Rescue Baby is set to debut as a non-profit social organization from March 2024 through continuous and tireless efforts to raise funds and connect partners from different countries.

Our Foundations, NGO’s and Corporate Partners

Our partners are the most important and integral part of achieving our goals. Their support is always needed for the progress of our work. Therefore we sincerely acknowledge their contribution and hope for more vigorous contributions. Below is the list of partners from whom we raise funds to realize our mission.

The above list does not include the names of individual donors and is a non-exhaustive list. We are trying to get involved with various organizations. Our information may be linked to some privately owned company websites, which are not included in our list.

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