Our Vision

Our focus is on children who live inhumane lives without food, clothing, education, medical care and shelter. For this purpose, we first worked in the Roginga camp but now we are going to work for children in several slum areas of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.


Our mission is to ensure healthcare and education for Roginga children. Besides, he is working for the children who are fighting for the life of humanity all over the country including the capital Dhaka. However, we are moving forward with the aim of working as an international organization and NGO outside Bangladesh.

Our commitment

To fulfill our goals and reach our goals, we are always going to start working with a heart of service. In the beginning, our journey started with a few people, but now we have around 500 employees. New staff are being recruited to increase the scope of work and by March 2024 we will more than double our staff and make further progress in meeting goals and objectives.

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