What We Do?

We are committed to working in partnership with people, communities, organizations and governments to address the challenges of the poor and marginalized in Bangladesh. We want to expand the horizon of friendship and will always be there. I will help build a bright future by lighting the light of hope in everyone’s mind.

What do we want to achieve?

We want to work for underdeveloped countries, including Bangladesh, where poverty-stricken people are looking for help.

  • Ensuring the health of the expectant mother is most important to ensure a healthy delivery. We give utmost importance and priority to this goal.
  • Taking all necessary steps to maintain good health of mother and child after delivery.
  • Helping children from poor families in education.
  • Setting up primary level education centers in remote areas.
  • Providing all kinds of services and making matriarchal families financially self-reliant.
  • We have so far established several child education centers where young children are taught through play. Some of our primary level education centers are also under construction.
  • In 2024, the teaching program will begin up to class 5, which will gradually expand.

Providing Healthcare:

  • We make local literate/less literate people employable by providing training for healthcare delivery.
  • Also, we select eligible candidates from time to time through recruitment circulars.
  • So far we have more than 100 employees in our team to provide healthcare. Those who work in various professions including doctors, nurses, midwives.


  • 57 staff from different parts of the country are working for teaching.
  • This number will also increase as the scope of work increases.
  • From March 2024 we will start free medical camps as well as education programs in several slum areas of Dhaka.


The first hurdle in public service is funding. The cost of delivering services is high, especially in certain areas. So we collect financial help from all well wishers. Most of our money comes from industrialists in different countries. For this purpose our founder Jennifer is leading the way in raising funds and adding donors from different countries. (learn more)

We think…

  • Health: Everyone should have the right to basic health care
  • Education: Everyone has the right to education
  • Basic needs: Everyone has the right to food, shelter and clean water
  • Civil Rights: Everyone is entitled to equal rights and opportunities
  • Income: Everyone should be able to support their family
  • Heritage: Everyone should benefit from preserving their national heritage
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